Since 1991

The craftsmen of Plexiglas

Plexi Art: over thirty years of passion, expertise and innovation.

Fabio Bartolini decided to go it alone in 1991, after decades of experience in working with plastics. It was back in the eighties, the start of Plexiglas’ widespread use, when he first got to know this versatile material at a time it was worked without CNC machinery and without the use of technology.  Fabio had been in love with it for some time and without hesitation decides to establish his own company creating Plexi Art in Gambettola (Forlì-Cesena), which today he runs together with his wife Susanna.

Plexiglas is a material that, to get the most out of it, needs to be handled manually, it needs the wise and expert hands of a craftsman, just like Fabio Bartolini, who knows its every characteristic and peculiarity. A polish, a beautifully made bend, a well-finished detail, and Fabio manages to give life to any creation.

Plexi Art immediately stands out as a result of this attention to detail, the precision of the working of each product, and at the same time for on-time delivery and consistent accuracy of the results obtained.

Five years after its foundation, the Company moves from the initial workshop to its current headquarters in Via I Maggio in Gambettola, where the specific advanced machinery for the working of Plexiglas has found the perfect home. Beginning from the raw material with the processing of semi-finished sheets, every single detail is interpreted according to specifics of each project, up to obtaining the finished product, exactly how the client wanted.

From big projects to the smallest working.

Plexi Art began as a contractor business, creating items for the bathroom and polycarbonate parts for the safety and accident prevention sector. As time went on, the use of plexiglas has expanded into many other sectors (click here to see all of our products) and so has Plexi Art’s clientele which has grown and diversified, with many specific requirements: photo frames, showcases for books or collectibles (from helmets of favourite drivers, to t-shirts of football idols), display stands and objects of any kind.

A family passion.

In 2010, Plexi Art confirms itself as a family business. Alessandro and Stefano join the Plexi Art team to work alongside parents Fabio and Susanna Francisconi, while the third son Luke is a non-participating member. In addition to the members of the Bartolini family, the company has three employees.

The core business continues to be production on behalf of third parties and the creating of articles for setting up supermarkets and shops. But Plexi Art‘s dynamism is leading the company to explore new markets, thanks to the possibility of internally designing objects in Plexiglas and the ability to offer processing with the latest technology (click here to find out which) combined with thirty years of experience and genuine Made in Italy craftsman quality.

Plexi Art Universe

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Complementi di arredo in plexiglas Made In Italy, caratterizzati da design contemporaneo

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