Since 1991

The craftsmen of Plexiglas

The most innovative technologies in order to obtain unique and high quality products.

Plexi Art has been using laser processing with CNC machines since 2000. This technology, in addition to fluidity and speed of execution, allows to obtain a polished cutting and milling is no longer necessary. Lasers also make it possible to create minute details and fine finishes, adding additional value to each creation.

Art and design: engraving images, photographs and logos on Plexiglas and on wood.

Plexi Art has added rasterisation to its processing in order to reproduce images on Plexiglas elements, such as back-light panels for light diffusers or other luminous objects and furniture. The reproduction of images and logos with this engraving technology, can also be made on wood, both for projects involving large-scale production and for single pieces.

Laser machining for Fashion, Furniture and Communication.

Plexi Art performs processing of engravings and markings on woodwork, fabric and leather, as well as Plexiglas. The company is opening up to the processing of new materials, thanks to the constant research and new technologies used by the company. Innovation, for example, now offers the ability to print in greyscale, maximising customisation of every product down to even the smallest of detail.

High quality Plexiglas worked by Plexi Art is purchased by the German company Röhm GmbH.

Complementi di arredo in plexiglas Made In Italy, caratterizzati da design contemporaneo

e linee minimal.