Since 1991

The craftsmen of Plexiglas

From design to creation to give shape to your ideas.

Plexi Art has a design office that, listening to client needs, formulates a project for the item to be created. Delivery of the final product is one of the services offered by the company from Gambettola.

Out of all the processing operations performed worthy of mention are the large-scale hot Forming for all elements that have a mould (from shower cubicles to foods domes); the numerical control Machining with milling (to achieve the notches, blind holes, and all those processes which can not be carried out with a laser); laser machining and hot Bending (on small objects).

One of Plexi Art’s most notable operations is monobloc bonding, a virtually invisible bonding of more than one element in Plexiglas, therefore giving the idea of a single block of material.

Protections in Polycarbonate and Aluminium solutions for the building industry.

Plexi Art also works materials such as compact polycarbonate to create, through cold cuts, safety and shock-proof protections, protection against launched objects and visors. In addition, there is composite aluminium (Alupanel, Alucobond), used for making continuous facades for window and door manufacturers, or insulating facades to be applied to the walls of buildings.

Complementi di arredo in plexiglas Made In Italy, caratterizzati da design contemporaneo

e linee minimal.