New website and new logo for Plexi Art

A new logo that truly represents the image and characteristics of Plexi Art. The Company specialised in the working of Plexiglas, with headquarters in Gambettola (Forlì e Cesena), presents itself with a new visual impact on the market. At the same time, a new website…

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Laser: the innovative new age of photography

Not only paper and video lets you see an image, a photograph, a memory captured in one shot. Emotions can be captured with the reproduction of images on elements in Plexiglas such as back-light panels for light diffusers or other luminous objects and furniture, thanks…

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Beyond Plexiglas: fashion furniture and design

The innovative techniques adopted by Plexi Art allow the creation of engravings and markings with stunning effects. Thanks to the use of laser, it is possible to work on materials with textures and weights that are even very different to that of Plexiglas: fabric, leather,…

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Complementi di arredo in plexiglas Made In Italy, caratterizzati da design contemporaneo

e linee minimal.